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Women’s Lib.

Posted in Shock! on December 8, 2007 by Mya

As far as am concerned, women’s lib is not just about burning bras. I thought that at this time and age, some African traditional practises had long been abandoned, but shock on my behind, at some of the things that happen to Ugandan women.


I was shocked to realize that apart from kneeling down to greet the men, they also go through;

  • They sleep on the floor, while the men comfortably make use of the entire bed. And when the man wants to have sex, she comes up to the bed and when the man is through, she goes back down on the floor. This has well contributed to the epidemic of plague breakouts in the country.
  • A man will/can rape you. If later on you feel that he kind of raped you well, you go back to him to ask him to marry you. I was shocked!
  • Where the woman gets married, a friend visitor of her husband will be given her, for the night as hospitality to the visitor. To add onto it, the man’s brothers, cousins, auncles e.t.c, may have sex with her, when they want, and this is no crime.
  • Wife battering is not a crime, and neither is polygamy.
  • A man could be playing with a woman’s nipples in public, casually as they talk as if nothing is on. Of course we all know where this will lead when they are alone.

They may know their laws, but do they really know their rights?

It’s irritating to especially see what they go through to earn a living. I am not trying to say liberalization should be enforced here, but some of these things the Ugandans do to their women are too much to handle.

At my age, I got pregnant, and now am the Headlines in the whole community, an issue I did not think would raise brows as it did. I was surprised at how backward a country can be in present time and age.

Am yet to research more, and if possible post a documentary on this.