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Ebola and Uganda

Posted in Common sense on December 8, 2007 by Mya

The death toll and infection cases of Ebola in Uganda rises, not only in the Western Parts of the country but it has spread to other parts too. More on the story can be found HERE. I am already running scared of what the situation may lead to.

As I gather, the news of the first case was discovered in August of this year. But they bright as they are did not publicize this, why? only they know.


I recorn that one case of Ebola means an outbreak. And I think it was a very dense idea not to announce immediately, what had happened. I guess due to CHOGM held in November this year, they opted not to announce the outbreak, to avoid anything stopping Uganda being the host of the meeting.

Then to make matters worse, people from the affected area [Western Uganda] began migrating to other parts of the country, until recently after 19 people had died, the WHO declared quarantine on the area. But since even a doctor had already been brought to the reknown[sp] Mulago Hospital, in Kampala, the capital city, and others to other areas the disease has spread to other parts of the country. I clearly blame this on the government.

If nothing is done pretty soon, even I will catch it. So I guess I will have to clearly isolate myself in my house and allow no visitors. It’s a shame to subject a whole country’s citizens, to a crisis like this, while it could have been stopped earlir. And the migrators have even gone to Kenya where cases have been reported there too. This is quite disastrous.

I stand aside to see what will happen next…